SunFX is the official spray tan of the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards and CSI Miami.

Imagine being able to have the perfect tan in just 5 minutes. Well now you can do just that with a professional airbrush SunFX salon spray tan.

Sunless tans are the healthy way to get that rich golden or bronzed tan that we all desire, and SunFX cares about your health more than any other spray tanning company.

SunFX spray tanning solutions are 100% all natural - they don't contain any chemicals.

Prolonged sun exposure can quickly age your skin, causing it to dry out and wrinkle. It can even cause skin cancer. Spray on tans that use harsh chemicals and additives can also damage your skin causing it to look weathered and old but a SunFX all natural spray tan is the healthy sunless tanning alternative, offering perfect coverage for a fast, natural looking tan every time.

Helpful tips prior to appointment

~ Fill out the Waiver/Consent Form
~ Exfoliate
~ Shave or wax 24 hours prior to appointment if possible to avoid spray entering open pores
~ Remove all makeup, lotions and jewelry
~ Wear dark loose fitting clothes to appointment. Do not wear spandex, lycra, nylon or leather
~ Bring a bathing suit if you are uncomfortable wearing disposable underwear

Host A Party

Host a spray tan party for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home or back yard.
Minimum of 4 people. Please contact me for pricing and details

Prices listed below are in house only:

Full Body
Extra Coat